10 Conservative Views of Abortion

Abortion is a very heated debate topic these days. The country is almost split 50/50, pro-life/pro-choice. On the one side, pro-choice advocates believe that the fetus is part of the woman’s body and has the right to choose. On the other side, conservatives believe the fetus is a baby and is fully deserves life. Below, I’ve articulated 10 conservative views that I have regarding abortion.  

1. Life Begins at Conception

Scientifically, an unborn baby has brain waves at seven weeks, a heartbeat at seven weeks, and can feel pain at 20 weeks.* Most abortions are at 7-20 weeks. My question is this: if a person is considered dead with no brain waves and no heartbeat, why isn’t he considered alive with a brainwave and a heartbeat??


2. The Unborn Have Human Rights, Too.

The right to life also applies to the unborn. The founding fathers believed every man had the unalienable right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Why wouldn’t this apply to a fetus?

3. Fetuses ARE Children.

The word “fetus” simply means “child” in Latin. She is human. Just because the word is different doesn’t mean she is any less a child. Just because the fetus looks different, just because we can’t see the fetus, just because the fetus is in a different location, just because the fetus is in an early stage of development, doesn’t make the fetus any less of a child. If we were to take a DNA sample of a fetus, it would be determined that the fetus is, indeed, human. A person. Doesn’t she deserve to live?

4. Adoption Is a Beautiful Option.

The care for children doesn’t end when a child is born. Many people have chosen to adopt babies from women with crisis pregnancies. Adoption is the perfect alternative to abortion because it helps three people: 1) The pregnant woman who may be experiencing a crisis pregnancy; 2) the adoptive mom, who may be experiencing infertility and, of course, 3) the child. There are about one million parents waiting to adopt in the U.S. and over one million children who are aborted every year.  Wouldn’t adoption be the perfect choice? *


5. Children Are a Blessing!

The vast majority of women who obtain abortions do so as a form of birth control. They do so with the belief that the child may interfere with their career or relationship. Children are a blessing. They teach us how to be selfless. They teach us how to love unconditionally.  They give us a new perspective on the world. They are gifts, not curses. They have a purpose. They are not mistakes. And they can be a joy, not a burden.

6. ALL Children Are a Blessing!

That’s not a typo. Just because a child may be born with a disability doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t deserve to live. “Quality of life” does not determine a child’s value. Kids with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or other disabilities can lead a fulfilling, productive life. Who are we to say that simply because a doctor gives us a dire prognosis, that we can predict what type of life that person will lead?  

7. Parental Notification Is a Parental Right

Less than 1% of all abortions take place due to rape* or incest. Yet, a 12-year-old can get an abortion without her parent’s knowledge. Incest with a minor is a horrible crime and should be reported as such. But performing secret abortions for minor teens simply because she does not want her dad to know is wrong on so many levels. Doesn’t a parent, who has committed no crime, have a right to know what is going on with his or her child?


8. Sex Crimes Are Crimes 

Rape* and other sex crimes are illegal. Yet, many of these crimes go unreported at many abortion clinics. Sex crimes are wrong, and the answer is not abortion. The answer is holding the perpetrator accountable. Without notifying the authorities, the victim can continue to be perpetrated. Abortion for a sex crime victim creates two victims: the woman and the baby. What crime did the baby ever commit to deserve such a fate?


9. Courts Should Not Legislate from the Bench. 

The Supreme Court is not infallible. They have been wrong before, and they were wrong in the case of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. For example, in 1857, in the landmark Dred Scott* case, the Supreme Court justified slavery, declaring that blacks were not “persons.” The same type of rhetoric is now used to justify abortion: that the unborn are not persons. They are not self-aware. That they are not sentient beings, and therefore, do not deserve to live. My question is the following: are they any more self-aware, the minute after they are born?  


10. God Knows When Life Begins and Ends.

You don’t need to be “religious” to believe abortion is wrong. But, if you do believe in God, my question to you is if life doesn’t begin at conception, when does it start? And how do you know? Would God know?

The issue of abortion is really not about Democrat vs. Republican or liberal vs. conservative. It’s about life vs. death. It is an important decision that should not be made lightly because it is permanent and will be the most important choice of a person’s life.  

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