Should I Have an Abortion?

Going through a crisis pregnancy can be scary. Knowing where to turn can be even scarier. Abortion providers advertise free abortion consultations. But a consultation of this magnitude should give full disclosure so that pregnant women can make an informed decision. Let’s look at abortion consultations at abortion clinics vs. consultations given by pregnancy resource centers (aka. crisis pregnancy centers).

Abortion Clinic Consultations 

An abortion consultation is a brief meeting where a pregnant woman is given certain information about her pregnancy and different types of abortions. This may include a pregnancy test; an ultrasound; an STD test; and abortion education. In rare cases, a pamphlet on adoption may be handed out. Unfortunately, not all abortion clinics show the results of an ultrasound. What these consultations neglect to contain is a thoughtful conversation on any other option other than abortions. That’s where pregnancy resource centers come in.

Pregnancy Resource Center Consultations

A Pregnancy Resource Center, also known as a Crisis Pregnancy Center, gives full disclosure as to possible side effects of abortion, Post-Abortion Syndrome, and possible complications of abortion. Their services are all free of charge and they do not take any government funding. Some pregnancy resource centers may be faith-based, but you do not have to be religious to receive their services.

Pregnancy resource centers focus on the pregnant woman as well as their unborn child. Some of their services may include free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, prenatal development classes, counseling, life coaching and free supplies such as diapers, baby wipes, etc. They may also provide housing if needed. These centers give you full information on what to expect in labor and delivery and beyond.  These centers respect you as a person and will be there for you regardless of what you decide to do. They may even provide post-abortion counseling if needed. Some centers have programs for fathers as well. 

There is no way to know what is best for you until you are presented with all the choices. Seeing your ultrasound, discussing the option of choosing to parent your baby, placing your child for adoption, and learning more about the consequences of abortion are all important information you need when faced with a crisis pregnancy. Having a well-rounded knowledge of their options is empowering to women. A true consultation will give the pros and cons to both sides. Wouldn’t you want to know everything before making the biggest decision of your life?

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