What Is An Abortion Consent Form?

Every time you go in to have a medical procedure, they ask you to sign a consent form stating that you have been informed of any risks associated with the procedure and what physicians will be performing the procedure. This states that you give consent to the physician to perform the procedure and your decision is voluntary. In some states, informed consent laws require that a woman seeking an elective abortion receive information from the provider about alternatives, her legal rights, available public and private assistance and other information. 

Since abortion is a medical procedure, whether it is performed surgically or using medication, you will have to sign a consent form. An abortion consent form is very similar to other consent forms, but there are a few things that are added to it. On an abortion consent form, it states that you have been informed of abortion alternatives. It also includes information regarding your having been given the gestational age of the fetus, had the opportunity to see it on an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. By signing the consent form, you acknowledge that all of these things were provided to you prior to having the abortion.

By law, providers must provide you with this information prior to you getting an abortion. They give you this information so that you can make an informed decision. It’s important to know alternatives and any medical risks associated with the procedure. You will sign the form along with a parent or guardian if you are a minor, a physician who provided the information, and the physician who performs the abortion. You must sign the form in order to have the procedure performed. You can find forms online by state. Each form looks different, but they all say the same thing. Check with your physician for your form. To learn more, visit abortionsupport.com and unplannedpregrnancy.org.

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