Are There Consequences of Abortion?

Every day, you make decisions. There are consequences to those decisions. Just like the everyday decisions you make, there are consequences to any major decision you make such as having an abortion. When a woman chooses to have an abortion, there are physical and psychiatric consequences. In the world of psychiatry, a syndrome called post-abortion syndrome is taboo, meaning it is absent from the official psychiatric diagnosis even though it exists. For those with PAS, there are physical, psychosomatic, and psychological symptoms. There is not a complete list yet of these symptoms as it is still not an official diagnosis. 

However, some of the physical symptoms to an abortion can include injury to the uterus, bleeding, infections, adhesion in the abdomen, disruptions in menstruation, and even infertility. Some women may even experience high-risk pregnancies later with a greater chance of miscarriage and premature births. Some of the psychosomatic symptoms include functional abdominal troubles, functional sexual disorders, migraines, and sleep disturbances.

Nevertheless, there are a multitude of psychological symptoms. Some of the major ones include depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, severe mood swings, self-aggression, and medicine, drug or alcohol abuse. After having an abortion, some women may have tendencies to compensate for their decision by committing to fight to end abortion, fostering or adopting another child, getting pregnant quickly, or becoming overprotective of subsequent children. There are many symptoms of PAS, and this is not an exhaustive list.

If you are experiencing symptoms of PAS, there is help for you. Know that you are not alone. There are people ready and willing to help you. Find the help you need. Many options are available. You can receive group support for one-on-one counseling. Which one is right for you? Go to the After Abortion website below and read the articles about group support and one on one counseling. There are many resources available on this website for you to browse through. Don’t go it alone.

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